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Throughout the year MartelNet will bring you the most amusing coverage of the biggest events, and the most random fun stuff on the net. I hope you like the site, if you have any comments or suggestions please contact us!

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Guernsey Unsigned - Tom's new blog is now live featuring reviews of local gigs, go and have a look, click here!
PS3 Theme - For the slightly random 'Faces' PS3 theme click here
Shiny New Stuff - After an extremely long break from proper updates for no good reason, here, at last is the new, improved MartelNet, featuring more blue, funky menus, and more, click for details... [Read more...]
New News - It's been a long time since there was any kind of update, that doesn't mean there won't be one though! You don't need to wait for me anyway as Tom has set up a group on Flickr, so go have a look and share some of your own photos. You'll need an invite to join the group. Guernsey Crew on Flicr
PARTY PICS - If you can remember that long ago, Tom's 21st pics are here at last! There are also a grand total of 3 new Exeter pics (one worth seeing!) and 4 in random! Click here
ITS ONLY MARCH - Which means it's only taken 3 months to get the New Year pics in Guernsey Expsoed. You will need to use the comments to remind me on most of the pictionarys! In other news there is a fun online game in Site of the Moment, and if you haven't seen it, the item below is worth a few minutes of your time!
AT LAST - Some new stuff! First there is Camp's 20th and the Sark trip in Guernsey Exposed, then after that, have a look at the great new Site of the Moment, and don't forget to rate it! Finally, check out the Downloads page for some quality songs by the Scooby Gang!
WHAT DO YOU THINK? - If you haven't already told us click hereLATEST NEWS - Join our new MartelNet Update e-mail list to keep up to date!  Join here!
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