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Domstock 2K - External Link
MartelNet have given a site of it's very own, so it must be great!
Halloween Film Nite Special! - 22 November 1999 Alternative Layout
The best thing ever in a shed!  
Christmas Special! - 17 December 1999 Alternative Layout
The last day of term, best described as crazy!  
Spacey's Shed-Warming - 31 March 2000 (Private) Alternative Layout
The new best thing in a 'shed' ever!  
Spacey's Kiddie Style Party! - 26 April 2000 (Private) Alternative Layout
Another best thing in a shed, but this time its kiddie style!  
Liberation Day 2000 - 10 May 2000 Alternative Layout
The crazy people partying for most of the day (and night) in town!  
Common Room Challenge! - 26 May 2000 Alternative Layout
All the way around the year 12 common room without using the floor!  
Charities Day 2000 - 10 July 2000 Alternative Layout
A chance to be stupid at school and dress up, go laugh at us!  
Tom G's 18th! - 2 October 2000 (Private) Alternative Layout
The maddest party yet involving many disturbing events!  
Campy Party! - 27 October 2000 (Private) Alternative Layout
Another crazy party, but this time camp was the brave host!  
Halloween 2K! - 1 November 2000 Alternative Layout
Scary goings on in sheds and in town in this mini feature, starring a monkey!  
Half Term Happenings! - 21 February 2001 (Private) Alternative Layout
New hair styles, dodgy pictures, just as mad as usual!  
Campy's 18th! - 1 May 2001 (Private) Alternative Layout
Camp takes us out for a nice quiet game of skittles!  
Liberation Day 2001! - 12 May 2001 Alternative Layout
Tinny, cigars and more in this mini feature!  
Grammies 2001! - 27 May 2001 Alternative Layout
The Grammar leaving party at The Bowl  
Ander Karting! - 2 June 2001 Alternative Layout
Alex's 18th party at the track!  
Pembroke! - 3 June 2001 (Private) Alternative Layout
Music on the beach, and more importantly lots of can-cricket!  
Book Burning - 3 July 2001 (Private) Alternative Layout
The easy way to dispose of A-level work, and anything else that will burn!  
Camp's House Hats! - 30 May 2002 Alternative Layout
A few pics involving the scamp hat and pink wig!  
Bowling for Cheffos! - 11 October 2002 Alternative Layout
Random movies at the bowl, and pics of everyone's favourite beachside burgerman!  
New Year's Eve 2002 - 2003 - 13 January 2003 Alternative Layout
New Year featuring melons, ferrero rocher, candy floss and Pictionary!  
Exeter Uni Randomness - 14 February 2003 Alternative Layout
I thought this was Guernsey Exposed!  
Camp's Cookies - 5 May 2003 Alternative Layout
If only there had been a middle shelf in his oven!  
Tom's 20th! - 6 May 2003 Alternative Layout
Hats, ties and twister for Tom's birthday!  
Bargain Hunt Live! - 3 June 2003 Alternative Layout
The Duke comes to Exeter, get in there!  
Less Than Jake - 4 June 2003 Alternative Layout
Not exactly in Guernsey, more like Exeter!  
Camp's 20th in England - 2 November 2003 Alternative Layout
We got him to go to uni (for a week!)  
Sheep In Sark - 2 November 2003 Alternative Layout
Racing, Sark style, and randomness, Scooby Gang style!  
New Year's Eve 2003 - 2004 - 13 March 2004 (Private) Alternative Layout
More pictionary, and some chim chim cherrruboff!  
Tom's 21st - 29 June 2004 Alternative Layout
Party at China Red and The Shed!  
Vale Earth Fair 2004 - 18 January 2006 Alternative Layout
A festival in a castle!  
Multiple Meals - 19 January 2006 Alternative Layout
My 21st, Tom G's 22nd and a random one to entertain P  
Galette & Fondue Night - 21 January 2006 Alternative Layout
A tasty evening!  
Becki's Pirate Party - 22 January 2006 Alternative Layout
Shiver me timbers!  
Liberation Day 2005! - 12 May 2006 Alternative Layout
Top quailty as usual!  
Chris' 22nd! - 21 June 2006 Alternative Layout
China Red plus a huge pass the parcel style present!  
Gollllffffff! - 24 June 2006 Alternative Layout
Random golf game action!  
More Sark Sheep Shenanigans - 20 September 2006 Alternative Layout
I'll have spounge various please  
Steak House Challenge - 22 September 2006 Alternative Layout
The steaks are high (and large) for Dom!  
North Show At Night - 24 September 2006 Alternative Layout
Floats and fireworks  
Guernsey Exposed People - The best choice around! Sort By: Oldest First
Campybaby - 6 November 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
You may know him from his site 'The Campsite' where he claims to be from an island just off the Mia space station!  
Paranoid - 7 November 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
Does he still exist?  
Beady - 8 November 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
aka DommyBoy, Likes to compare himself with Bluegummybug to show how similar they are?!  
Spike - 29 November 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
Big, scary and with lots of random wrestling based net-names!  
Pepitoe - 30 November 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
Yes, it's me! You asked for it so you get it, some sites do listen to what their visitors want! Even if they are mad!  
Bluegummybug - 1 December 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
He may not be on the net often, but he is funny and so you need to meet him.  
Wilki - 2 December 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
A truely great artist, but rubbish with model planes!  
Baboon - 3 December 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
The one who wears that dressing gown thing!  
Matt - 4 December 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
He is one of the funniest people ever! (but is that a compliment?!)  
Duckarse - 5 December 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
Little Chris is a mac user, never mind!  
Random - 6 December 2002 (Private) Alternative Layout
It certainly is!  
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