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In a huge, dark cavern underneath MartelNet HQ lurks MartelNet Archives, a collection of information more random than gorilla-bear from Hercules in New York!
Well actually it's nowhere near as random or interesting as that, it's just website's from the past resurected we can see just how bad they really were!

MartelNet From June 1999 Denounce The Crosswits From February 2002
Do you remember this? It's the original MartelNet design, and I believe this was the most up to date version before the new design which you still see today.
The original design display's my lack of experience, and the content is slightly random, although the beginnings of Guernsey Exposed are there!
Most of the original random content lives on, and parts of this site probably make it look like I have learnt nothing from this, but I'm glad I didn't stick with that design and colour scheme for too long!
The official website of this famous card game created during our time at the Grammar School Sixth Form, in our free's. I'm not sure exactly who is responsible for it's creation but Camp has a lot to do with it.
The website was created by Dom in the library using notepad and paint, which resulted in this wonderfully useful resource!
Sadly freenetname appears to have killed www.denouncethecrosswits.co.uk, but don't worry, you can find it here or go directly to denouncethecrosswits.martelnet.net
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If you are one of The Scooby Gang and have an old website that you would like to see archived then send it to me.
Either e-mail it to [email protected] (remove NOSPAM), send it over MSN, or give it to me on CD/floppy

That's all that is in the archives for the moment, don't forget to send your contributions in!
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